5 Tips for a Successful Weight Loss Journey

In trying to blog more, I found myself with mouth opened, staring at the open document and was stricken with the dreaded “blank-page” syndrome writers get from time to time.

I do want to know why Dr. Oz hasn’t talked about this on his show?

All of a sudden I realized this is what happens when a person is told by their doctor that they need to lose weight, but they aren’t advised how. Sometimes the person has an idea to partake in the cabbage (or any flavor) soup so the pounds can come off quickly.  Or restricting calories to a dangerous level….they are desperate to do exactly what was told to them.

More often than not, the pounds return, which leads to another insane cycle of crash dieting. Eventually the endless loop may cause health issues as well as a severe case of discouragement.

I imagine that scenario sounds all too familiar to some of you reading this. To be honest, that was familiar to me since I was in that cycle for so many years. I can’t tell you how many forty-day diets were started and ended with abandon after Easter. Yes and pounds did return causing me discouragement and wondering if things will change.

So, one day I decided to upgrade my life, and I’d like to share 5 tips with you that helped me along my weight loss journey.

1) Getting active

I advise people to start by walking, even if it is for 10 minutes at the very beginning it is the start of a journey. As time goes by increase the time walking by a few minutes and improving one’s speed. Little things like taking the stairs and getting the farthest parking space (except at night-use caution) can assist in the journey as well. Eventually I joined a local gym and was instructed in the machines such as elliptical and weights which aid in the process. I fell in love with working out and started teaching fitness classes of my own then found you can do incredible trainer led workouts at home, which is what I use now.

2) Watching portions

I remember going out someplace and thinking I would just get the salad to be healthy. Imagine my surprise when I was informed that the individual portion of a salad was over 1,000 calories! That was the last time I ordered a salad as my healthy option.  Learning to cut portions, pay attention to everything I eat and mindfully eating only when I am actually hungry made a huge difference.  So I can’t say this enough, getting measuring cups and spoons make for a great investment. Oh yes, the kitchen scale is a great thing to have too.  My greatest investment was the Portion Fix System which included all the tools I needed plus all the mental exercises to beat emotional eating.

As you progress on the journey you discover how little it takes to be satisfied.

3) Tracking the food

Writing down your food and portions is important so you don’t lie to yourself about what was consumed or how much. I love using my Fitbit to track everything but if I need extra care for nutrition, I like to use the BOD Nutrition App.

4) Getting a balanced diet

Yes, I realize that this is a catch phrase, but it’s true. When a person acquires the recommended servings of lean protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables each day they are satisfied longer. When a person is satisfied longer, there isn’t the need to eat constantly.  When you are full of nutrients, your body doesn’t have crazy cravings that keep you reaching for the candy jar each day.  When you are nourished, you can eat only for the need of eating, not out of boredom or emotions.  I incorporate Shakeology daily to get all of my micronutrients and superfoods so I don’t have cravings and stay full throughout the day.

5) Cutting out the stress eating

Eating out of stress was a major factor in my life, which led to my weight gain. As I embarked on this journey, I began to examine if I was really hungry or if it was stress, and if it was stress, I would need to find another method of dealing with it. Sometimes getting away from that problem with a little walk (if you are able) can help one’s mood and prevent the stress eating.  Sometimes it required journaling or meditation.  Sometimes, I would simply go to my car, shut the door and yell obscenities….whatever works 😉

As I stated before, these aren’t new ideas but they’re the things that have helped me. I have kept this beast away for nearly two years and I want to keep it away. While some days are easier than others this journey is worth it. I am worth it!

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