8 Surprising Fruits That Burn Belly Fat

Belly fat is annoying; it has been used to body-shame individuals and to lure them into joining weight loss programs. This rarely works because of busy their schedules. Developing belly fat not only necessitates an update of shirts in the victims’ closets but also negatively affects their health. For instance, it significantly increases one’s risk of developing colorectal cancer, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

With that in mind, measures should be taken to get rid of this annoying abdominal bulge. Luckily, with short sessions of regular exercise coupled with consumption of appropriate fruits, individuals will soon be kissing this hideous body shape goodbye. Here are eight surprising fruits that can help someone towards this cause.


Apples are a compact source of flavonoids, dietary fiber, and beta carotene. These components go a long way in keeping the stomach full in between means, alleviating the urge to snack on foods that are ridden with saturated fat. Secondly, apples come equipped with pectin, which reduces belly fat by regulating the blood sugars. Lastly, apples are filled with water, and when taken before mealtime, it means that the stomach will be filled with healthy juices and hence a reduced portion of the food will be taken. This, in turn, compels the body to turn the stored fat in the belly into energy.


Just like apples, bananas are rich in healthy fibers that help to curb appetite, giving the body a chance to burn fat. The fibers can best be described as resistant starch that blocks carbs from being digested by the body. But since the body requires energy, it burns fat into energy instead of the carbs. Also, bananas contain potassium that encourages the development of muscles, which, in turn, replace the fats.


These fruits have a strong taste even when used to make a milkshake. But due to the effects of polyphenols, an antioxidant that boosts the general body metabolism, the fruits are a must-have ingredient in the diet of a person looking to lose belly fat diet. To combat the strong taste, one can use a blender to make fruits smoothie, effectively neutralizing the flavor but not the effects. Since there are a variety of blenders available to make fruit smoothies, narrowing it down becomes hard, here is an interesting list of some of the high to low budget ones.


Some categorize tomatoes as vegetables, but actually, they are fruits packed with phytonutrients and vitamin C, which act as fat killers. Vitamin C is particularly effective with burning fats otherwise stored after exercise. Phytonutrients, on the other hand, facilitate the burning of the belly fat, as it serves as an antioxidant for the body. With the market providing more than enough tomatoes, one can try different cooking methods and keep going back for more.


Avocados have fats that stop the body metabolism from spiking the blood sugar. If not controlled, such a spike may trigger the body to store fats under the belly skin. It should, however, be noted that avocados contain plenty of calories. For this reason, only one should be consumed in a day. One can also consider taking avocados with jalapeno sauce. Incidentally, jalapenos peppers help to burn fat as well.


These fruits are rich in medium chain triglycerides that raise liver metabolic rate to 30%. This facilitates the functionality of the liver, naturally compelling metabolic byproducts out of the blood. Coconuts are also a filling and delicious snack that can be used as an alternative to junk foods. They can also be consumed in a myriad of forms such as coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut water, and coconut oil among others.


Blueberries are super effective in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which top the list of the most notorious killer illnesses. However, blueberries are not given enough credit as only a few people are aware of the effects these fruits have on belly fat. Their positive impacts are largely attributable to the presence of antioxidants that detoxifies the body of the chemicals that would otherwise lead to accumulation of fat in the belly.


Grapes are low sugared fruits that come with numerous health benefits, including burning fat belly. This fruit contains naringenin, which goes a long way in reducing insulin levels. These fruits ward off hunger pains while making sure that the body has sufficient time to burn fat into energy. To make the consumption of this fruit easier, an individual can slice it into two and scoop the juicy part with a spoon as a quick snack.

In addition to having healthy antioxidants and vitamins, most fruits are full of fiber, which takes longer to digest thus prolonging the feeling of fullness. This ultimately reduces the urge to snack on high carb foods. Lack of digestible carbs jumpstarts the process of burning belly fat, and apart from attaining a chiseled shape, one also reduces the risk of contracting various killer diseases. The effects of the above fruits are enough proof that the secret to achieving a healthy, fit body doesn’t lie in just exercise, but what one eats.