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Wife, mother, and entrepreneur, I have been in coaching for almost ten years. I started as a health and wellness coach and over time, pursued my passions in marketing and business development, tying everything in together. I found it infuriating to see women being taken advantage of when it came to trying to find someone to help them build their web service or create a strategy plan simply because they were female. I am committed to helping everyone who wants to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. I am no guru but I am someone who is committed to working with you to find the exact path and plan to reach your goals.

Professionally, I have worked in social media marketing, website and graphic design for the last 8 years and absolutely love it! Building a website is telling someone’s story. Every page, every direction, it is a reflection of the business owner and it is a true honor to work with so many incredible women as they grow their online presence.

I have also studied nutrition for the last 10 years and hold certifications from Precision Nutrition, Ultimate Portion Fix, 2B Mindset, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Zumba Instructor and Wellness coach.  We will work together to find the right plan for you to get the results you desire.  No blanket plans, we work to find a specific solution. I look forward to meeting you and working with you soon!

xoxox Courtney

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