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Loaded Wedge Salad

Wedge salads are a steakhouse classic but often get overlooked as iceberg lettuce is not known for its nutritional value. By loading up on fresh herbs, tomatoes and even bacon though, this salad can definitely have some redeeming properties. You can certainly use any head lettuce in this recipe and if your lettuce doesn’t stand READ MORE

The Benefits of Mid-Life Fitness

Getting in the habit of doing regular exercise is challenging at any age, and perhaps more so as an individual gets older. Too often, people have settled into a routine by the time they approach middle age, one that it is difficult to break out of, even if it means better health in the long term. However, READ MORE

Identifying Food Allergies and Sensitivities

WHAT IS A FOOD ALLERGY OR SENSITIVITY? When our immune system is triggered by a food particle, it responds with inflammation, the body can also have autoimmune reactions or can attack itself when attempting to attack this “foreign invader”. The type of attack depends on the immune response. We can see immediate or delayed sensitivities. READ MORE

Blueberry Lemon Muffins

These blueberry lemon muffins are an amazing low carb option whether hosting a spring brunch or for packing nutrient density into lunchboxes for picky eaters! Whenever I have house guests I make a batch of nut flour muffins and keep them on the counter to try to fit different eating schedules and time zones and READ MORE

Breakfast Cauliflower Casserole

Ingredients • 4 Slices nitrate free bacon cut into bite size pieces {Sugar free for Whole30} • 2 Tbsp cooking fat divided (you can use the rendered bacon fat) • 8 oz riced cauliflower • 1 small onion diced • 1 small red bell pepper diced • 6 oz broccoli florets cut into bite size READ MORE

Inflammation: The Root of Chronic Illness

Inflammation has been coined the term, the silent killer although it is a normal and essential bodily response. The natural immune response occurs in reaction to a body injury by a virus, bacteria fungi, superficial injury like a cut, or internal irritants from food sensitivities. There are five cardinal signs associated with inflammation: rubor (redness) READ MORE

Low Carb Lemon Poppy Muffins

FOOD AS MEDICINE Citrus is a rich source of bioflavanoids which can promote detoxification and fight against cancer. The nobiletin found in citrus peels and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) are compounds that have antiangiogenic properties virtually starving off the fuel source of tumors at the level of the vessel. The vitamin C found in lemon plays READ MORE