What is Boss Babe Coaching?

Coaching involves a series of questions, well thought out plans, and open communication to determine the path you are wanting to take to get you where you want to go. Not all coaching is the same and not all clients need the same support. Our coaching focuses on your needs 100% and we will create a well laid out plan to encompass all of your goals and targets. The topics below are the most common areas I am able to offer assistance and growth.

Professional Growth & Direction 

Many people partner with their coach to improve various components of their professional growth strategy. Your coach can help you assess your current situation and proactively identify opportunities for improvement, set goals and stay accountable to those goals enabling you to effectively and strategically manage your performance and professional growth. 

Goal Setting

Set clear and actionable goals that are measurable, attainable and leave you feeling motivated. 

Form Habits and Routines

Ask any coach and the most important part of any change is going to come from habits and consistency. To change your diet, organization, family time, sleep schedules, anything, you must create a positive habit, eliminate negative habits and make those a routine. We will work to find the habits that are most needed and critical in your transformation.

Fitness Coaching

Stay Motivated

Intrinsic motivation stems from autonomy, information and connections. Identify your motivators and learn how to optimize or increase them. Regular communication and follow ups provide accountability to keep you motivated and identify changes in strategy.

Personal Brand 

You already have a brand, it’s time to manage it. Your professional brand is your external perception of your experience, skills, capabilities and potential. Partner with your coach to enhance your personal brand within the office and through your wider network. 

Fine-Tune Your Personal Pitch

Learn how to share your story in various settings and in a way that enables you to advocate on your own behalf.  Present yourself confidently and to the point so others know who you are and what you represent.


The best laid plan means nothing if there is nothing holding it accountable. Every coaching plan will include a road map to success with the accountability clearly defined.


A strong network is one that helps you gather information and identify your blind-spots. We often think of networks as helping us find a new job, but most often they are used to help us make more strategic decisions in our current roles or inspire us to grow towards a higher role or new position. Networking with fellow babes in your industry or similar goals will help you stay accountable and learn from fellow professionals.

These are only a few of the services and areas offered in coaching. Every single person has their own needs and goals so each plan is custom designed to fit what you are in need of most. Contact me today to set up your free consultation.