Eating Healthy Means Unlimited, Right?

One of the many misconceptions is that you are able to eat freely as long as you are eating clean and healthy.  While some foods can be enjoyed freely, there are other healthy foods that you must watch your intake.  I discovered this after a two week period of being lazy and not measuring my food and beverages.  Eye-balling was perfect…I didn’t need to use portion cups.

I stepped on the scale and realized I had gained about 8 pounds, very rapidly and thought what the F***???!!!  I was keeping my macros on point, I was only eating off of my approved food list, I was doing it all, how did I gain weight.   Then it clicked, as I poured my coffee with half and half.  Yes, it was approved to use but I wasn’t using the two tablespoons I was supposed to….I was using more about 6 tablespoons. Same goes for olive oil, it was an approved and suggested food but I was using way too much when I cooked.  When I recalculated my intake, I was actually getting about 600 more calories than I was accounting for.  Of course I was gaining weight.  While I was frustrated and angry, it was my own fault.  There are some things you must monitor for progress.  If you find yourself stalling in progress or worse, regressing and gaining weight, take a moment and reevaluate all of the foods you are taking in.  Measure every single thing you put in your mouth.  Oils, butter, creamer, sauces, all of it….those are the little things we underestimate and end up sabotaging our progress.

One of the greatest resources in this has been using the portion fix containers through my workout program.  All of these are measured out and you can prepare your foods with each container and they are color coded so it is easy to keep track of your daily intake.  Take the guesswork out and make it so incredibly simple….that is what we do.  If you are struggling or unsure what to do to check your progress, reach out.  I would love to work with you and help you get started.