Lessons in the madness

What I have learned during this time away from our “normal” everyday activities.

  1. Too often, we do not value our money as we should. We do not need half the things we think we do. I have not been shopping or felt the need to splurge on anything due to the uncertainty in income. I also realized, in the past when I did shop, it was not because I actually needed things, it was to satisfy a feeling. I have more than enough and another pair of shoes will not give me extra time with my husband or children. The important things are what keep us healthy, alive and happy. I can live without so much more than I realized
  2. A company is only as strong and good as the revenue it brings in. The best company will still let its people go when revenue is cut. Your position can be traded for someone who will work much cheaper if that helps the growth of the company. We are not valued Like our grandparents were back in a time far before this. If we want solidarity and security, we must create it ourselves.
  3. In times of trials, we see people for who they truly are. Opinions, views, beliefs, we all have them and share them. In a time of crisis, we all seem to become assholes for some reason. Spewing hatred for those who don’t agree, refusing to use reason and logic. It’s disgusting to see the true side of people. You learn who you want in your circle and who you want to distance yourself from.
  4. You owe no one an apology for wanting to keep your family safe. We should not belittle someone who is afraid to return to our life of yesterday without caution because of concerns unknown to the rest of us. It is none of your damn business why I don’t want to risk my life or my child’s life.
  5. Insurance and medical care should be available for all people. There are huge populations of people who have died simply due to a lack of medical coverage. They waited too long to seek care for fear of high office visits or no insurances, and were left to die instead. We are failing as a country. Healthcare is the most greedy industry we have. Two years ago I had a laser spinal procedure done. 20 minute surgery, one hour recovery. $180,000. This is absurd! This is why our medicines are hundreds of dollars each month and access to care is only for the middle to upper incomes.
  6. Our children are so incredibly versatile. While there were bumps and bruises the first week, lots of anxiety and panic attacks, a groove was found. A new rhythm was established and as children do, they adapted into their new normal. As parents we have become more involved than ever in their schooling. We know every single assignment and every subject. We don’t just get the cliff notes version. We get the whole novel. Our kids and their teachers are incredible and we don’t tell them anywhere near enough.
  7. For almost 6 weeks we have only eaten at home. We have indulged in takeout pizza once. Our stomach issues have gone away. We feel better in general and our skin has cleared up. While it’s nice to have a treat, eating out frequently does absolutely hell to your body and no matter how hard you workout or drink the cucumber water during the day, the night time takeout will tank your health faster than anything. Why go back to something that speeds up death? Enjoy more meals at home. Enjoy the time in the kitchen.
  8. There is magic in a touch. Having your significant other or child or sibling, parent, whomever you are with at this time put their arms around you and hold you for just a moment is such a refreshing and relaxing moment of peace. For that moment the fear of uncertainty is gone. We are captivated in the love and appreciation for this other being. We are grateful for the person in our life to help bring us back to center when we are spinning off the rails. The magic of touch can bring the most insane train ride to slow and steady pace.
  9. Make plans. No one ever wants to talk about death or the what if’s but in this time, now is the time to discuss your final wishes. Prepare your family so they are not scrambling for documents and information if something should happen. Don’t avoid talking about it out of fear. It is better to be prepared than completely caught off guard.
  10. The ones who matter most are the ones you love. Employers will replace you. Friends will block you for opposing beliefs. Retailers will close, businesses will fail. Through everything though, the one who matter most are going to be there with you helping you face a new tomorrow. Helping you face a safer and healthier tomorrow. Tell them you love them. Hug them just a little longer. Believe in them when they are on unsteady ground. This is your cornerstone, your foundation. Protect it.

Above all else, take the time to quiet your mind and give your cares to the universe, your God, your spirit, whatever you believe in. Give them your fears and anxiety and find strength in the stillness. Tomorrow will come friend, don’t let go now.

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