I’ve had my own issues with hormones. I was eating right, exercising regularly, but no matter what, I couldn’t lose weight. I was even gaining weight and looking puffier.

I was doing everything right, but something just wasn’t clicking with my body. The weight just stayed put.

So, I started doing research on my own. A lot of it.

I focused on learning more about leptin (the “starvation hormone”) and insulin and what happens when your body becomes resistant to them.

I needed to discover what could cause my body to stop losing weight when I was working my butt off to lose it. What I discovered completely changed my approach to weight loss. And I now realize just how important hormones are in maintaining and healthy body and a healthy weight.

Here’s what I learned about insulin resistance and weight gain, how it can affect your body, and what you can do to reverse it.


Before we dive into what insulin resistance is, you first need to understand what insulin does.

Insulin is a hormone responsible for regulating your body’s blood sugar levels. Insulin moves sugar into your fat cells to protect your body from high blood sugar levels.

Insulin is a hormone that is produced in your pancreas. The pancreas releases insulin every time you eat. But, insulin secretion is the highest when you eat food that is full of sugar.

If you’re constantly eating a high amount of sugar, insulin levels will remain high, and your body will eventually become resistant to insulin.

Your body stops responding to insulin and your body cannot burn fat for fuel. Instead, it causes you to store more and more fat, causing you to gain weight.


Everyone’s body is different and the way excess insulin impacts you may be different to how it affects your friends.

However, there are some common signs and symptoms that suggest you might have an insulin resistance problem.


The most obvious and common sign that you have insulin resistance is the inability to lose weight. No matter what you try, you can’t seem to shake those extra pounds. And the weight will mostly be concentrated around your belly.

If a healthy diet and regular exercise routine is not doing the trick, it’s best to see your doctor or naturopath. They’ll be able to test your insulin levels to see if this is the problem. They’ll also be able to see if you’re leptin resistance – the two often go hand in hand.


When you’re healthy and everything is working right, your blood pressure should be around 120/80. This means your heart is delivering the right amount of pressure to your blood vessels.

If your blood pressure is higher than 120, it means those blood vessels are under a lot of pressure. They’re not built for this and high blood pressure can lead to an increased risk of heart attacks and even stroke.

Insulin resistance creates a sodium imbalance in your bloodstream. This leads to an increase in the volume of blood rushing through your veins. The larger the blood volume is, the more pressure gets put on your blood vessels.

Have your blood pressure checked and if it’s higher than normal, ask your doctor to check your insulin levels.


Other symptoms to watch out for include:

  • Sugar cravings
  • Feeling sluggish
  • Dizziness when fasting or when you go too long without food
  • Feeling irritable when you are hungry


Triglycerides are the fats that get stored in your body, to use for energy—eventually.  When they’re high, it means that your bloodstream is storing too much fat instead of burning it for fuel.

In most people, this results in both weight gain and higher cholesterol. When your insulin levels aren’t breaking down blood sugar and fats in the bloodstream, they start to build up.

This results in high cholesterol levels and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Why? Because high cholesterol and high triglycerides increase your risk of heart disease and heart attacks.


Which comes first, weight gain or insulin resistance?

If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle (eat too much sugary food, don’t exercise, don’t manage your stress properly), your fat levels will increase. Then the fat that your body stores, especially around your abdomen, can trigger insulin resistance.

How so? Well, abdominal fat releases a considerable amount of chemicals called adipokines. And, apparently, those chemicals counter the effect that insulin is supposed to have on your body.

So, your weight gain can cause insulin resistance which then results in insulin resistance causing more weight gain.  One of the best programs I found has been our Ultimate Portion Fix.  This program works to regulate portion sizes, keep blood sugar steady throughout the day and boost your metabolism.  If you are tired of fighting an uphill battle alone, reach out.  I would love to help you!


My Experience with Meditation – That led to Wine


Breathe in…..hold your breath….exhale.  The wonderful art of meditation, keeping women sane for many years.  Due to my bodies reaction to stress, my doctor recently suggested I start meditation to allow my body to fully relax at the days end and at times when life may get a little stressful.  As a mom and wife….this can be tricky and leave you thinking, WTF?!  I wanted to share my experience as I tried meditating and see how many others can relate.

Yes, I work from home but I still treat my business like a business.  I have set hours and yesterday was my day off.  A truly wonderful day, spent with my husband, spent by the pool, enjoying life and loving that I get to do what I do.  After school is out, we do the regular routine…homework…snack…walk the dog, omg mom I am still hungry snack and dinner.  A round of FortNite is also in there at some point.   “Now is the time, I can do this, I can completely relax and clear my mind for 10 minutes” I tell myself as I prepare to sit on my yoga mat and mediate.  I close my eyes and start my breathing.  Long inhales, holding my breath and slowly exhaling, seems easy enough.  I begin my silent mantra “I am more powerful than my stress, I am in complete control, I will…why the hell is the dog in here trying to crawl in my lap. Dammit Tucker, go in the other room.  Try this again.  Close my eyes, start breathing.


Me – “WHAT!?”

Child – I am hungry

Me – we ate dinner, go get a piece of fruit

Child – that was dinner, it was at 5pm, that was like a late lunch

Me – no that was dinner, go ask your father to make you something and leave me alone for a few minutes

Stomps off….end scene.


Me – Seriously dude, what is it that can not wait 10 minutes?

Child – dad won’t make me French fries, how much oil do I use in the fryer.

Me – Absolutely not, it is too late and too dangerous to cook fries.  GO eat something healthy, it’s late.

Child – I’m going to starve in this house

Me – Can you starve quietly

How in the hell do moms meditate?  Note to self, send doctor a note and tell him he is out of his ever loving mind if he thinks this is going to work.  I still have 7 minutes, let’s see if I can get in the zone.   Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, what the hell is the dog doing now…he is eating the cat, move on.  Inhale…exhale.  This is nice, I could do this.  Did I pay the electric bill, dammit woman focus. Yes I did….inhale, exhale, inhale, my butt cheek is cramping up, how do people sit like a pretzel, this is stupid.  Inhale, exhale, inhale, french fries do sound so good, I haven’t had french fries in forever, damn, focus, inhale, exhale, inh…

Spouse – hey babe, how do you usually cook the fries, whoa are you like channeling your inner sex chakra?

Me – there is no sex chakra and it’s too late for fries

Spouse – there should be a sex chakra, would it help if I stood in front of you naked?

Me – I’m going to punch you in the nuts if you don’t leave and keep the kids out.

Spouse – so sex later then?

Me – rolls eyes, then says to myself hell yes we are.  A lady has needs after all, just can’t give away all my secrets.

Again, maybe if press my hands together in the prayer position it will help.  My tailbone is really hurting, how do people sit in the floor for this long.  This has been an eternity, I know I’ve been down here at least 20 minutes.  Looks at clock…6 minutes.  Are you kidding, ONLY 6 minutes in this chaotic hell, suffering on the floor?  Fine, start over, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inha….

Front door opens then slams shut.  Apparently no one realizes their own strength around her and slams doors for NO reason

Other child – where’s mom, I need her MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM ( I think they believe I will respond better with long drawn out calls)

Me – yes, I am in my room, can it wait?

OC – No, I need gas money.  And can we go fishing for a while tonight?

Me – I gave you $20 yesterday, how are you already out of gas?

OC – I might have used a couple bucks to get something to eat.  Now I am really on empty and need gas though.

Me – Fine, take my card and get $20 THAT’S IT!

Me – God, please let me child make money at his new job.  They are going to have to put me in a home if this doesn’t stop.  God – welcome to parenthood child HA HA HA

I have realized that my 10 minutes is up, I am not relaxed and now I am sitting in a pretzel shape and my leg has stiffened so I am unable to actually extend my leg.  Finally manage to untwist myself and stand up…BUTT cramp holy hell.  How long was I down there, it seemed like an eternity.  Crawl over to the bed and use the base to push myself back up into a standing position, look over and see the dog has claimed his spot on my yoga mat, dragging his ass and balls all over the end where I typically lay my face.  Nice job Tucker, Nice.  This dog is really an asshole.

Grab my marker, write down on my planner board – buy more Lysol spray, or new yoga mat.

Go back into the living room to resume chaos and the spouse and child are screaming at the TV as they watch basketball playoffs.  The cat is tangled up in the blinds as she tries to take on a fly.  Spoiler alert…the fly won.  I look at the boys and smile, I soak in what beautiful chaos that is my life and thank God for blessing me with such wonderful mini versions of myself and my husband.  I will try again tomorrow and see how it goes.  They say to meditate alone, quietly, in a time when you can focus…WHO THE HELL has that when you are a parent and entrepreneur?  My next mediation will have wine….that’s a great idea.

Me – Siri, make a note to buy a new lock for the bedroom door and a bottle of wine tomorrow