The Dangers Lurking in Diet Products

If you are currently using ID LIFE, HERBALIFE, PLEXUS, ADVOCARE, or GNC products….take a moment and check out this latest research I put together on a few of the ingredients.

 Today’s top “weight loss and diet” products are known for having fructose, maltodextrin, sucralose, polydextrose, dextrose, soy and artificial flavors. Look at the ingredients in ID Life, Herbalife, Advocare, 310, and all products found at GNC and you will find these ingredients lurking in your “not so healthy” shake. So what does this mean for you? Let me break down the ingredients for you….
Fructose is found in many fruits so when people see fructose, they believe it is a natural sugar when in fact, the fructose found in diet products are chemically manufactured. The human body can only metabolize fructose through the liver so when large amounts are being used daily, the liver can become toxic and lead to weight gain in the belly area. Fructose turns to FAT. Fructose has been referred to as the key driver in obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Not only is Fructose converted to fat within the body, it causes insulin resistance which leads to obesity and type II diabetes, can cause leptin resistance and cause a strong reaction in sugar addiction.
Sucralose – Sucralose is a chlorinated artificial sweetener with detrimental health effects. Ingesting sucralose causes impairment of appetite regulation and ultimately results in weight gain. Sucralose also reduces beneficial bacterial population in the gut which increases your bodies’ acidity and ph levels. Furthermore, sucralose affects the P-glycoprotein levels which could result in medications including those used for AIDS and Cancer treatments, to be shunted directly to the intestines rather than being absorbed by the body. Sucralose is also absorbed by fat, creating more fat within the body.
Maltodextrin is a chemically manufactured polysaccharide which is extremely high on the glycemic index. Related directly to corn syrup, this sweetener is extremely dangerous to PKU patients and those who are diabetic or borderline diabetic. Maltodextrin causes extreme spikes in blood sugar levels, creating a grave danger for those sensitive to blood sugar raises. Sadly, this product is found in highly processed food and many diet products. In addition to the increase in blood sugar, maltodextrin also suppresses the growth of probiotics, beneficial bacteria within the gut. Research has shown a direct link to maltodextrin consumption and the increased diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. If you are consuming products with this ingredient and have a chronic inflammatory disease, you will see an increase in symptoms, often including pain, muscle aches, joint swelling and fatigue. As a derivative from genetically modified corn, which has no nutritional value, it toxically affects multiple body organs in the body.
Before you mix up your next drink….consider what that drink could be doing to your insides. While it may not cause an immediate reaction, it is still slowly poisoning your body with artificial and chemically processed ingredients. You will never find me with a drink other than my superfood shake that contains only natural ingredients. Absolutely no artificial ingredients and no chemically made sweeteners. There is a reason why other products are cheap and easier to attain…..the companies are only concerned about profit.