Website Design and Social Media Content

Website Design and Development Process

Website design has come a long way since the beginning of the Internet. For a business today, a website might be its primary marketplace and way to connect to clients. Having a robust and reliable website is necessary to stay ahead of your competitors. Consumers have a literal world of options at their fingertips and trying to stand out can be a challenge. I consistently use seven steps to design all of my websites.

Research is key. Identify your target audience and build a site that will cater to their needs. A company that understands its clients is better able to engage the customer and create repeat business.

A website is more than a simple purchase. It is an investment, just like a brick-and-mortar storefront would be. Customers will use your website at all points in the buying cycle so it must be effective but also within your budget.

Cross Media Planning
Just like all roads lead to Rome, all customers should be directed to your website, whether they are being engaged through mobile marketing, digital advertising, social media marketing, etc.

It is important to build a user-friendly website that will optimize in laptop, pc, tablet and mobile formats. Consumers use so many devices to look up information and search companies, you must have a site that is fluid in all formats.

This is a crucial step that many companies skip out on. It is important to test your website on a variety of platforms and devices to ensure that your website is accessible and responsive.

Advertise the launch of your website! It is a big deal, and advertising will increase exposure and bring in web traffic on the day of the launch.

Analyze and Improve
Once your website is up and running it is now time to improve! Track your web traffic and user engagement to identify what parts of your website are working and what parts can be improved.

What the clients are saying…..

“What an honor to know and work with Courtney. Her social media knowledge is only shadowed by her big heart and love for life. If you are looking to showcase your heart-centered business, you should have her on your team.”
Carol CC Miller 
Owner-operator at Carol CC Miller
Founder, Vision Keeper at Positive Focus 
Chicago, USA

“Through Courtney’s expert advice and guidance in setting up and maintaining our social media presence, we were able to see an immediate and sustained upturn in traffic to our corporate website. I would highly recommend her if you are serious about increasing your exposure on social media and driving traffic to your website.”
James M., Los Angeles

“Courtney is incredible!
She has a gift for connecting human beings in the world of social media in a sacred manner.  I love her work and highly recommend her services, she overdelivers and is a joy to have for anyone seeking media services!”
Melissa Kim Corter 
Best Selling Author, Mentor and Intuitive Guide
Sedona USA
“Courtney has a compassionate and loving heart….what she has done and continues to do, has totally changed the direction of my work. I have so much love and gratitude for what she has done for me and my business through my relationship with her.  She is dedicated, compassionate, and filled with new ways to boost my life dream.   As a matter of fact, I could never in a million years have been able to do what she has done for me.”
T. Montgomery, Costa Rica

Content Marketing

Content marketing is more important today than ever before. Video traffic alone made up 73% of all internet traffic in 2018 and that percentage is only projected to rise. However, with so much content available to the average consumer it is also very important that you are generating quality content that is relevant to your customers. I like to offer a variety of content creation services on multiple platforms to best leverage your client base such as:


Blogs, Articles, Press Releases

Social Media Posts

E-books, e-brochures

Email campaigns

Advertising campaigns

Video marketing